Much different?” Boy, we’d say.

Meanwhile, the bizarre case of unsigned free agent Stephen Drew continues on. Coming off one of the best years of his career, agent Scott Boras has indicated that Drew might wait until after the 2014 draft (June) to ink a deal, so a team wouldn’t have to forfeit a draft pick to sign him.

With Opening Day two weeks away, you can’t imagine that Drew has any leverage whatsoever. Look at how Ervin Santana succumbed to a one-year deal. We highly doubt that any player would want to wait until June to sign, and thus not receive a full year’s pay. Drew is available for the plucking.

Most importantly, the “much different” Yankee infield is an obvious weakness for this club, and in our view, is the difference between being a wild-card contender and “championship-caliber.” With its current construction, the Yankees are still not an elite team. An infield upgrade would be huge, and Drew represents exactly that. He has also indicated that he would play other positions besides shortstop.

He really just makes too much sense for the Yankees. He has no leverage and could be signed to a short-term deal. The Yankees already punted this year’s player draft when they signed Ellsbury, McCann, and Beltran. The team’s first pick in June is now #56, per the MLB.COM Draft Order, so who cares about another pick forfeiture. There’s also a minor detail of a 39-year old shortstop with a bad ankle who happens to be retiring at the end of the season — you know, it could be a decent idea to get another shortstop into the fold.

Cashman/Hal/Randy have to know that this infield could be a big problem, and there’s a solution ripe for the picking.