With the Yankees kicking off the season on Tuesday, and the club’s infield still its biggest deficiency heading into Opening Day, we thought it would be helpful to take a quick look at the team’s projected regular third baseman, Kelly Johnson.

If there is one word to describe Kelly Johnson, it is: average. And in MLB, being an “average” player is valuable. For his career, Johnson possesses a wRC+ of 104 (4% better than the average hitter). He has a line of .253/.335/.427, which is boosted by a great 2010 season when he went off in Arizona: .284/.370/.496.

He has never come close to replicating those 2010 heights, and was very below-average at the plate in 2011 & 2012, with his 2012 season especially poor: .225/.313/.365 (85 wRC+).

In 2013 for Tampa, he rebounded with a .235/.305/.410 (101 wRC+).

Platoon wise, he doesn’t have any noticeable splits, and has hit both lefties and righties rather equally. In fact, the lefty batter has hit LHP a tad better during his career.

Most projection systems see Johnson right around average again. He’s a low OBP guy with some pop.

His transition to 3B and how he handles it defensively will really determine his overall value. If he’s poor defensively, then third base could look ugly if the bat is only average.

Defense aside, if he can give the Yankees production similar to his career lines, it would go a long way in fortifying an infield that is one giant question mark. “Average” would be fine.