AJ Pierzynski on Pineda via NESN:

I don’t have a problem with guys who do it,” Pierzynski said. “I know as a hitter, I want to get in there and know the guy has (control), especially on a night when it’s cold (and) it was windy. Put it on your hat, put it on your pants, put it on your belt, put it on your glove, whatever you’ve got to do. But at some point, you just can’t do it that blatantly, and I think that’s what the biggest issue was. No one has an issue with him doing it. I think it’s more of the fact he just did it so blatantly.”

So if you’re a Red Sox fan, don’t get your panties in a bunch screaming “the Yankees aw cheatahs!!11!!”, especially when you have your own skeletons.