One of the questions that we posed on Twitter last night after Pineda was ejected was “How did Girardi not notice the glob on Pineda’s neck?”

After the game, Joe said that Pineda exercised “poor judgment” and “let his teammates down.”

But does Girardi deserve any blame for what happened, especially when it was so blatantly obvious? Brian Cashman seemed to think so:

“He did what he did, but we’re also responsible that somehow he got out of our dugout and was on the field in that manner,” Cashman said. “That never should have happened.”

And on the opposite side of the aisle, Red Sox manager John Farrell was very cool about the whole situation, almost sounding embarrassed that he had to go out there, because he knows pitchers use pine tar on the regular:

“You could see it. I could see it from the dugout. It was confirmed by a number of camera angles in the ballpark. And given the last time we faced him, I felt like it was a necessity to say something,” Farrell said after the Red Sox’s 5-1 win at Fenway Park. “I fully respect on a cold night you’re trying to get a little bit of a grip, but when it’s that obvious, something has got to be said.”