If there was one thing we warned about repeatedly this offseason, it was that the Yankees’ front office was playing with fire with such an old roster and lack of depth. It was a main reason behind our 86-win prediction — contrary to other pundits who assumed the Yankees would be healthy all year.

On Friday night, 34-year old (April 11) Mark Teixeira pulled his hamstring and a trip to the disabled list appears to be in the cards.

And so it begins…there’s no one in the minors and as a result of his injury, we’ll be seeing more of Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts (who needs rest himself), Dean Anna, and Yangervis Solarte (who’s been hot, but let’s be realistic).

Update 12:10pm: Tex is indeed going to the DL, and the Yankees have called up a 3rd catcher (Austin Romine). Makes sense…infielder goes down, call up a catcher. This is what happens when you have no depth and ignore the infield.