Lost in our celebration that Eduardo Nunez was finally jettisoned from the organization was that the Yankees actually traded the Heir to Derek for something more than a batting glove.

Enter 20-year old Miguel Sulbaran.

He's a lefty pitcher who was signed by the Dodgers out of Venezuela in 2011 and traded to the Twins in July 2013. Last season was his first full season of pro ball, where he threw 112 innings in Low-A with an ERA of 2.96 and a 3.16 K/BB (for Eduardo Nunez?!). He started 20 games and came on as a reliever in seven.

Considering his 5'10" frame, most reports have projected him to be a reliever, but he was throwing 5-6 innings in his last few appearances of 2013.

Here’s a video from last year, where he looks like he’s rocking a mohawk:

Whether he ends up starting or relieving, it’s rather amazing that the Yankees received any player with good minor league numbers and potential future value. A nice job by the front office.