While he may call out his own name when fellatio is being performed on him, it hasn’t stopped Captain Pinstripes from putting up a .298/.385/.351 line to kick off the new campaign. That’s good for a 111 wRC+ (11% better than the average hitter). That ranks 10th among MLB shortstops. Being a Top 10 hitting shortstop when you’re approaching age 40 deserves some props.

The question is…can it last a full season?

The answer: It will depend on Jeter’s ability to take walks. At this point in Derek’s career, he’s become a singles hitter. His power has declined significantly over the last number of years. Since 2010, he has registered a slugging % of .391 and an ISO of .099 — compared to career averages of .446 and .134.

This season, his slugging percentage is only .351 and his ISO is a very tiny .053. Granted, it’s still very early in the year, but the multi-season trend is already in place.

Thus, with his power gone, Derek needs to get on base at a high clip in order to be an above-average hitter. He’s doing that now with a .385 OBP and walking in 10.6% of his plate appearances.

His career BB rate is 8.8%, so he’s above that now, but walking is generally considered to be an “old-man skill” — and Jeter is exactly that in athletic terms.