The Yankees offense continues to struggle and is now a touch below average with a wRC+ of 99 (1% below league average). And although we’ve recently highlighted the deficiencies of Derek Jeter and Brian Roberts, there’s been no bigger culprit to this surprisingly low offensive output than Brian McCann.

Outside of Tanaka, McCann was probably the most lauded Yankee signing of the offseason, and to date, his numbers have been horrendous.

According to wRC+, McCann is the 6th-worst hitter in the American League. His 62 wRC+ means he’s a whopping 38% below the league-average hitter!

We don’t think there’s a person on earth who saw this coming.

Our first thought was to see if he’s having bad luck. He has an incredibly low BABIP of .213 versus his career average of .287 — so maybe some bad luck there. However, he’s popping up flyballs to the infield at nearly double his career average, 17.8% versus 9.7% — so that’s going to lower your BABIP.

He’s also only walking in 3.8% of his plate appearances versus a 9.7% career rate. This could be partly because he’s swinging at a career-high percentage of pitches outside the strike zone (34.8% vs 29.7% career).

Whatever the reason for his horrid start, there’s more to it than bad luck. He’s been such a solid hitter for his career that there is certainly hope he’ll turn it around. If he doesn’t, you can probably kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Maybe the “hitting guru” can help him out?