As of the completion of May 9th games, Derek Jeter is sporting an 81 wRC+, a figure that still puts him in the bottom 15 hitters in the American League. Pitchers have been quick to exploit the diminished hitting abilities of the aging legend. How? By pounding him with heat.

Using Fangraphs Pitch f/x, we can see that Jeter is seeing four seam fastballs 42% of the time, two-seam fastballs 15% of the time, and cut fastballs approximately 12% of the time. If you add these categories together, you see that nearly 70% of the pitches thrown to the Captain are some type of fastball. When using this summed total, Jeter ranks first in the American League among qualified hitters in seeing the highest percentage of the three main fastball types.

However, it’s not just that pitchers are throwing Jeter more fastballs, it’s where they are attacking the Captain. Using the data from Baseball Heatmaps, the opposing hurlers’ tactics are fairly obvious:

Jeets LeftJeets Rght

The first image reflects the locations of the various fastball types thrown to the Captain by lefty pitchers in 2014. Similarly, the second is the same data, but for offerings by righty pitchers. The charts are from the catcher / umpire perspective; Jeter would be standing on the left side.

1. Heavy use of fastballs up in both cases.
2. Heavy pounding inside (giggity) from RHP.
3. Almost no fear of throwing a hard pitch over the middle of the plate.

With Derek showing an inability to drive offerings for power, it’s hard to be surprised that opposing pitchers are attacking the soon-to-be 40-year old in this fashion.