Daily News:

Mark Teixeira’s right wrist was swollen and an ugly dark pink color. A small, round bandage covered the spot where he had the cortisone shot that he and the Yankees hope will relieve the pain that knocked him out of Saturday’s game.

That shot — let’s be honest here — could also go a long way toward determining the fortunes of this Yankee season. Teixeira will be out for several days while the cortisone goes to work and then the team that plays in a bandbox will see if its best power hitter is ready to return.

As Teixeira himself put it, “If the shot doesn’t work, then I’m worried.”

If Tex is knocked out for an extended period, there will be a crazy scramble to find a replacement for him, as the Yankees playoff hopes will hang in the balance.

However, there is an in-house option that is making a strong case to be called up, and that’s Scranton first baseman, Kyle Roller.

The 26-year old left-handed hitter has won two MLPWs this season from us, and has killed the baseball at both Double-A and Triple-A. He’s certainly old for a minor leaguer, but the Yankees moved him slower than one would expect given his perennially solid hitting numbers. His production this season must be of interest to the front office…

Trenton: 90 PA, .385/.456/.808, 239 wRC+
Scranton: 80 PA, .286/.386/.514, 152 wRC+

Here’s a video of him hitting a 2-run HR on 5/27: