In the top of the 12th with runners on 2nd and 3rd, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny called for left-handed specialist Randy Choate to intentionally walk left-handed Ichiro, so he could pitch to switch-hitting Brian Roberts. Right-handed batters have hit Choate on his career to the tune of an .800 OPS. Thanks, Mike. Yanks beat the Cardinals, 6-4.

Mike Matheny Cardinals NoMaas Yankees

Re: Girardi – Besides going to Aceves for two innings in a walk-off situation (and the defense bailing Aceves out), we really hope Joe has not assigned Betances to the “8TH INNING ROLE” because there was a perfect opportunity to use him in the 6th with bases loaded, a 3-1 Yankees’ lead, and strikeouts needed.

Instead, Girardi went to Preston Claiborne and the inning ended with the game tied. That’s typically the high-leverage situation where Joe has effectively utilized Betances this season. Are we seeing the beginning of Girardi “rewarding” Betances by using him in a pre-determined inning only? That would suck.