After Friday night’s 0-7 performance against Tampa, Derek Jeter is hitting .250/.324/.283, which equates to a 72 wRC+ or 28% worse than the average hitter.

As we explained on April 23rd, Jeter’s power has significantly declined over the last few seasons, and he’s fallen off a cliff so far this season. As of this post, his .283 SLG % is now less than the terrible Brian Roberts, and is the 9th-worst out of 192 qualified players in MLB. His 72 wRC+ ranks 19th out of 24 qualified MLB shortstops.

He’s looking like a below-replacement player.

If this continues, there is one big question that must be answered: Will Girardi & Cashman bury their heads in the sand and allow a diminished player to assume his normal role based on his legacy, or do they try to put out the best lineup to win ballgames?