We always heed the lessons of Lord Pythagoras, and the Oracle of Samos is telling us that the Yankees are not a good baseball team, despite being in first place.

So far this year, the Yankees have been outscored by their opponents by 11 runs — and when you score less runs than your opposition, that’s usually a sign of a weak team — and the Yankees are indeed a weak team in the eyes of Pythagoras.


The entire AL East is weak. That is the Yankees’ saving grace to date. For all of us who always talk about how tough this division is, it’s currently home to some of the weakest teams in the league. Every team except Toronto has a negative run differential:

Yankees -11
Blue Jays +12
Orioles -2
America’s Team™ -17
Rays -26

So while the Yankees have disappointments and injuries across their roster, nearly every other team in the division has stunk too.

If this keeps up, it will make for some interesting debates come trade deadline time.