While it’s still kind of early and players are a hot streak away from making their overall numbers look much better, we are approaching two months into the season. And in these two months, the Yankees ‘Big Three’ offensive signings have not impressed, with only one of them being respectable because of his all-around game.

Brian McCann: What’s happened to him is simply alarming and is not receiving enough attention in the MSM. Signed to be the next ‘Great Yankee Catcher’, the former Brave is having a nightmare season so far. We outlined his issues a couple weeks ago, which include disappearing plate discipline and profusely popping up balls to the infield. He currently ranks as the 6th-worst hitter in the American League, hitting 32% below the average hitter (68 wRC+).

Carlos Beltran: This was a signing we disagreed with, largely due to his age and injury history, and now no one knows what’s going to happen with his bum elbow. Before he was sidelined, Beltran was hitting a below-average .234/.286/.430 (89 wRC+).

Jacoby Ellsbury: After a hot start, the former Fenway man has cooled off significantly, and is hovering around league-average with a 102 wRC+. Fortunately, his baserunning still gives him value offensively, but clearly he’s disappointed to date as well — although we’d say he’s been the least worrisome out of the three.

This post isn’t meant to be a critique (other than Beltran). However, the person responsible for these three signings (whoever that is in this circus front office) probably isn’t feeling too hot.

Fortunately, players like Brett Gardner, Mark Teixeira, and the remarkable Yangervis Solarte have provided the Yankees with surprising production. It’s also helped that other teams in the AL East have decided to eat corn the long way.