New York Post:

Brian Cashman said he hopes CC Sabathia can rejoin the Yankees in mid-July, but the general manager isn’t waiting until then to upgrade the rotation.

“I am looking to make some addition if I can. So I would like to do things before those guys get back if possible,’’ Cashman said, talking about Sabathia, who is getting closer to returning from the disabled list, and Michael Pineda, who isn’t. “The reason we haven’t done anything is not for the lack of phone calls.’’

If you want to upgrade the rotation, fine. You’re going to continue to hope the Yankees can win low-scoring games by thin margins. This is a team with a -29 run differential.

But, the problem really isn’t the pitching. While the club is certainly Tanaka-dependent, the Yankees pitching armory has held up well this season.

Fangraphs ranks NYY pitching 2nd in the American League in terms of Wins Above Replacement with 10.5. Baseball-Reference is less kind, but still has the Yankees accumulating the 5th-most WAR in the AL with 8.8.

So again, you can upgrade the pitching if you want to, Cash, but “if you can’t score, you can’t win.

The problem is the damn offense. You have guys who are giving you replacement-level and less-than-replacement-level production. Your offense ranks 11th in the AL in WAR.

This is where the priority should be, not upgrading the pitching staff. There are moves on the offensive side of the ball that could be made TODAY: “DUMP TWO, CALL UP TWO

Why is this so difficult to understand?