Last week, Derek Jeter reiterated his desire to own a baseball team after he retires. In order to do so, he’ll have to give up his interests in the Yankees, as he clearly owns this team as well.

His name is etched in stone into the 2nd spot of the batting order, despite being tied with Alfonso Soriano as the worst hitter on the team (71 wRC+).

He plays nearly everyday, despite being barely above replacement level (0.1 WAR), offering little value on either side of the ball.

Hate on us all you want. Call us anti-Derek. Slam down on your keyboards. But, facts are facts. He’s hurting the team — and moreso than most other players on the club (Roberts, Soriano, and Beltran are all below replacement-value)

And neither the front office or manager will do anything about it.

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I’ll get those nice and clean for ya, boss!