Per Baseball America’s international free agent tracker, the Yankees have so far signed 8 of the top international free agents in this year’s class of kids — including the #2 overall prospect as rated by BA.

It was first reported in December and then in February that the Yankees planned to go bananas on this year’s IFA class — risking financial ramifications for 2015 and subjecting themselves to a 100% luxury tax.

It looks like those initial reports have become a reality. The club is making a big bet that this 2014 class of international free agents is a rich one, as they’ll be restricted in spending for 2015. Here’s what we wrote back in February:

Based on the latest Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Yankees are only “allowed” to spend ~ $2 million on international free agents this year (signing period begins July 2), and they’ll be taxed 100% on any amount over that — so that would be a HUGE outlay for a bunch of 16-year olds. Plus, if they decide to give a middle finger to the new CBA rules, they reportedly won’t be able to sign any IFAs for over $250k in 2015.

We don’t know these 16-year olds from a hole in the wall, but it’s great to see the Yankees finally flexing their financial muscle to build up the farm. Better late than never…