High-priced free agents, fugetaboutit. The best player on the Yankees is the last homegrown starting position player this organization produced: Brett Michael Gardner, otherwise known as RUN BMG.

Gardner’s overall value to the Yankees should not be a surprise. He’s been criminally-underrated by Yankees fans for years, despite being the 2nd-most productive Yankee during Robinson Cano’s tenure. Let’s not forget that in 2010 and 2011, he totalled 10.9 Wins Above Replacement, which ranked 12th-best in all of MLB.

And now because he’s having his best hitting season ever (130 wRC+), the masses are finally beginning to appreciate him.

Per Fangraphs, Gardner has been worth 3.5 Wins Above Replacement so far this season. After that, it’s Jacoby Ellsbury at 2.2 WAR.

Gardner ranks 13th in the American League this season in terms of WAR, and is only a touch behind Miguel Cabrera.

The only thing that bugs us about BMG is the large decrease in stolen base attempts. In 2010 and 2011, he swiped nearly 50 bags in each season. He’s only attempted 22 steals year-to-date, continuing a trend of decreased aggressiveness starting from last season. We’d really like to know why he doesn’t run as much anymore.

Regardless, in the year of RE2PECT, this is Brett’s team right now.