Per Fangraphs, the Bronx “Bombers” offense ranks 24th in the bigs in Wins Above Replacement. The club’s 10.4 WAR ranks ahead of only the White Sox, Mariners, Rangers, Padres, Phillies, and Astros.

In 2013, the club also ranked 24th in WAR.

Cashman’s recent offensive acquisitions have not worked out, albeit the sample size is still small.

Chase Headley has been around league average, which we guess is “better” than what we’ve been used to this season. He’s hitting .242/.333/.379 as a Yankee.

Stephen Drew has been awful, hitting .171/.216/.257.

Martin Prado has also been bad, with a line of .182/.250/.303.

Meanwhile, the Yankees’ GM refuses to call up 2B Robert Refsnyder from Triple-A, who is hitting .301/.393/.474 at Triple-A. He’s the best hitter in Scranton.

Even 1B/DH Kyle Roller is continuing to smoke the ball at Triple-A, hitting .279/.374/.487 with 14 HR. He’s hit 23 HRs between Double-A and Triple-A this year. He strikes out a lot (27.8%), but with this Yankees offense, what’s to lose by trying out some of these minor league guys.