- Yankees’ Captain and Future Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter (12/7/10):

“I’ve been photoshopped in a lot worse pictures than other teams’ uniforms.”

Site founded in May 2005

Current staff:

Sensei John Kreese: Founder, merciless karate instructor
Louis Winthorpe III: P-shopper, editor, expert in frozen orange juice market
Vizzini: Stat geek, Sicilian goon
Wade Garrett: Yankee Stadium cultural observer, aging club bouncer
Rupert Pupkin: Mediot observer, aspiring comic
Walter Peck: Mediot observer, Environment Protection Agency officer
Martin Riggs: Stathead, mullet-headed police officer
Egon Spengler: Stathead, paranormal enthusiast
Sgt Al Powell: Joe Girardi watcher, not fond of terrorists
Frank Drebin: Joe Girardi watcher, saved the life of the Queen of England
Abe Froman: Freelancer, sausage entrepreneur

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