Timing is everything pt. 2

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McCann: 2-4, game winning RBI double in the 8th. 

“Hi, I’d like to return this.”

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Cashman Brian McCann NoMaas Yankees Refund Return
“Sorry, all sales are final.”


Latest Yankees playoff odds

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Based on the underlying lessons of Lord Pythagoras and modifying with their own tweaks, we look at the Yankees’ playoff probability measured by both Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus.

Fangraphs (via CoolStandings):

30.6% chance of making the playoffs either as the division winner or wild card

The 30.6% probability is split evenly between a 15.3% chance of winning the division and a 15.3% chance of getting a wild card spot.

Side note: Based on what’s happened to date, Fangraphs also projects the Yankees to finish 83-79 — which, due to overall American League mediocrity, would secure them the last wild card position

Baseball Prospectus:

44.5% chance of making the playoffs either as the division winner or wild card

That 44.5% probability is comprised of a 25.3% chance of winning the division and a 19.2% chance of winning the wild card.

Sox fans celebrate Manny, look past two drug suspensions and 2003 positive test

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Despite being suspended twice for performance-enhancing drugs and being named on a 2003 doping list along with national media treasure David Ortiz, former Boston slugger Manny Ramirez was cheered by the home crowd on Wednesday night, during a celebration of the 2004 championship team*:

In fact, they were behind Manny from the moment he emerged from within the Green Monster in left field, much the same way we’ve seen him do in the past. Sometimes Manny would disappear in there during a pitching change, and on at least one occasion he was able to sneak in a phone call during that abbreviated period. Because that’s just how Manny rolled.

On Wednesday, he was greeted by chants of “Manny, Manny, Manny” as the crowd chose to focus on the good times from a tumultuous relationship between player, organization and fan base, that didn’t end on the best of terms in 2008.

Now please, Boston fans, tell us how Arod is the devil.

VOTE: Derek and the All-Star Game

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On Tuesday, it was revealed that Derek Jeter currently leads American League shortstops in All-Star voting, despite hovering around replacement level production. Since performance is not a concern of the voters, we ask…

Too much Busch for the Bombers

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Lance Lynn Cardinals NoMaas Yankees
Lance Lynn: First complete game of his career

“I run New York”

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Fifty may have claimed to run New York, but that wasn’t the case on Tuesday night.

Props to Charleston’s Mike Ford

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MLPW took a break over the weekend due to Memorial Day festivities, but we’d like to still highlight the crazy display of Charleston Riverdogs first baseman, Mike Ford. On Saturday, the 21-year old smahed FOUR HOME RUNS in one game versus the Hickory Crawdads (Rangers Low A affiliate). It was the first four-homer game in the South Atlantic League since 2002.

After going bananas, the left-handed Ford is fifth in the SAL in wRC+ (165) and 4th in HR (8) — not bad for a kid who wasn’t even drafted.

Ford won our first MLPW of 2014, and here’s his story again:

A Princeton graduate, Ford’s journey is a fascinating one, as he was not selected in the 2013 June draft, despite winning both Ivy League Player and Pitcher of the Year awards in the same season (first to do that in Ivy League history). The Yankees signed him in July after he was leading the Cape Cod League in BA (.407), OBP (.495), and SLG (.663). He had also pitched 7.2 innings and struck out nine, but the Yankees have used him exclusively in a position player role.

The Jersey native grew up a Yankees’ fan and was pumped to be signed by the Bombers:

“I’ve been a Yankees fan my entire life, and I was fortunate enough, I felt like it was a great fit. I was just really happy with everything.”

Mike Matheny outduels Girardi in battle of bullpen idiocy

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In the top of the 12th with runners on 2nd and 3rd, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny called for left-handed specialist Randy Choate to intentionally walk left-handed Ichiro, so he could pitch to switch-hitting Brian Roberts. Right-handed batters have hit Choate on his career to the tune of an .800 OPS. Thanks, Mike. Yanks beat the Cardinals, 6-4.

Mike Matheny Cardinals NoMaas Yankees

Re: Girardi – Besides going to Aceves for two innings in a walk-off situation (and the defense bailing Aceves out), we really hope Joe has not assigned Betances to the “8TH INNING ROLE” because there was a perfect opportunity to use him in the 6th with bases loaded, a 3-1 Yankees’ lead, and strikeouts needed.

Instead, Girardi went to Preston Claiborne and the inning ended with the game tied. That’s typically the high-leverage situation where Joe has effectively utilized Betances this season. Are we seeing the beginning of Girardi “rewarding” Betances by using him in a pre-determined inning only? That would suck.

Meanwhile in the greatest city on Earth…

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Dustin Pedroia NoMaas Red Sox Yankees Sad Losing Streak

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