Russell Martin, we love you

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Adding fuel to baseball’s bitterest rivalry, New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin said he hates the Boston Red Sox and would relish adding to their misery by helping to eliminate them from the playoffs during this weekend’s series between the two teams.

“Anything to get the Red Sox out would be awesome for me,” said Martin, who has been involved in the rivalry for one season.

When asked why, Martin sounded like the truest Bleacher Creature.

Because I hate the Red Sox,” Martin said.

And we love you, Russell (no homo – not that there’s anything wrong with that).

45 out of 45 ESPN “experts” picked the Red Sox to win the East

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Original ESPN article can be found here.

This fantastic graphic was created by @EduardoNunezNY – Time to Shine!

View the graphic in full size here.

And they’re celebrating in Boston too

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Don’t be surprised by Posada’s hit

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Despite all the hoopla of Jorge Posada’s demise, he’s actually performed quite well against RHP. You’d never know that considering the media coverage he receives, but it’s true. In 297 PAs versus right-handers, Posada has hit .269/.343/.466, good for a wOBA of .352. That’s a better rate than Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira, Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter, and Russell Martin.

He can still take right-handed pitchers to poundtown.

Why we’d like to see the Rays instead of Boston

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Even though Joe Girardi’s crew continues to pound the Rays into the ground, we will make no secret that we’d love to see Tampa make the playoffs over The Blue Collar Heroes.

First, it would be hilarious if Theo Epstein’s genius spending spree (how insightful of him to recognize that Adrian Gonzalez is a very good player!) lost out to a $41 million payroll team that saw its entire bullpen leave during the offseason.

Another reason Yankee fans should be rooting for the Red Sox to fail is that it creates an easier path to the World Series for the Bombers.

You may ask, “does it really make a difference who the Yankees might meet in the ALCS?” After all, both teams have two excellent starters to throw at the Yankees twice in a series. And Boston has only won three more games than Tampa this season. Let’s do some math!

While they are only separated by three games in the standings, the teams are a little further apart when you look at their run differentials (as Lord Pythagoras of Samos has taught us, run differentials are a better predictor of future record than actual won-loss records). The Red Sox’ expected win% is .599*. The Rays’ expected win% is .572*.

To figure out how this stacks up against the Yankees’ .642 expected win% (yes, the Yankees are in a class of their own), we can use the Log 5 formula. Log 5 tells us that, in a single game, a .642 team will beat a .599 team (Red Sox) 54.56% of the time (not including home field advantage in a possible game 7). The Yankees beat a .572 team (Rays) 57.3% of the time.

Finally, to determine the Yankees’ chances of winning at least four games in a seven game series, we can plug those percentages into the binomial formula. Performing this calculation shows that the Yankees should be expected to beat the Red Sox in a seven game series 60% of the time. If they were to face the Rays, that number would climb to 66%.

A 6% increase in win percentage is significant. It would be like something on the order of the Yankees losing Curtis Granderson to injury for the entire series.

With that, we give you another reason to root for the collapse of The Greatest Team Ever Assembled.

*Expected W/L as of September 18th*

Let’s get statistical

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Some interesting stat facts as we close in on the completion of the regular season…

- Curtis Granderson ranks 4th in the AL in fWAR with 7.3.

- Derek Jeter has the 9th highest wOBA (.414) and 15th highest OPS (.946) vs AL LHP

- Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, and Andruw Jones rank 11 through 13 in wOBA vs. AL LHP

- Mark Teixeira has a wOBA against RHP of .336 and overall OBP of .338 — both are the lowest rates since his 2003 rookie season.

- Alex Rodriguez has appeared in 94 games, the lowest total since his 1995 season.

- Robinson Cano has the 6th-highest line drive percentage in the AL (23.1%).

- Brett Gardner has the 3rd-highest fWAR on the Yankees at 4.9.

- Nick Swisher is 3rd in the AL in BB% at 15.1%.

- David Robertson leads all AL Relievers in fWAR at 2.6 (Mariano Rivera is 3rd at 2.3).

- Mariano Rivera has a K/BB of 8.14, more than double his career average.

- David Robertson leads all AL relievers in K/9 at 13.50.

- CC Sabathia leads all AL starting pitchers in xFIP at 2.98.

- CC Sabathia ranks 4th in the AL in both K/9 (8.77) and HR/9 (0.59).

- Bartolo Colon ranks 2nd on the Yankees in xFIP at 3.46 and 11th overall among AL SP (min 140 IP).

- Bartolo Colon throws the 2nd-highest amount of fastball among AL SP at 83% (min 140 IP).

- Mariano Rivera throws a cutter 87.7% of his pitches — next highest among AL relievers is 46.5% (Chad Durbin – Indians).

- Phil Hughes K/9 of 5.63 is nearly two full strikeouts below his 2010 K/9 of 7.45.

- Ivan Nova ranks 5th in the AL in groundball percentage at 52.5%.

You’re welcome, Boston

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Girardi showed no mercy on the Rays and went with the “A” lineup on Tuesday night, while Ivan Nova pitched 7 2/3 innings of scoreless ball with 11 groundball outs and 8 flyball outs. Entering the game, Nova ranked 5th in the AL in groundball percentage (52.7%) for pitchers with at least 150 IP.

Meanwhile, the horrible Boston Red Sox lost again and the only way they’ll make the playoffs is if the Yankees allow it.

Let the begging continue.

Red Sox fans must now root for the Yankees

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It started off with a declaration that the 2011 Boston Red Sox were the best team in the history of baseball. We witnessed this terrible official team anthem. Boston beatwriters went after anyone who criticized the great Child King, Theo Epstein.

And now, with their postseason hopes being held together with duct tape, Boston’s diseased fan base MUST root for the Yankees to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays in a midweek series. How about that? After anointing their team in January as the best the world has ever seen, Sox fans must now kneel down and say “Please, Yankees. Help us get to the playoffs!

“Sir, if there is anything else I can do, please let me know.”

While you’re celebrating Mo…

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Paying homage

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