Red Alert: Boston officials hold emergency meeting

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In reaction to the team’s five-game losing streak and the Rays moving within 3.5 games of the wild card position, Red Sox officials called for an emergency meeting on Sunday night.


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As we remember and reflect on the events of ten years ago, we look back at one of the most amazing World Series ever played. Even though the Yankees ultimately lost, the team from the Bronx proudly represented the spirit of a city and a country. It never felt better to be a Yankee fan.

But what about “THE SAVE?!?!?”

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With a fully rested Mariano Rivera and knowing that allowing a run causes an immediate loss, it only makes sense for Girardi to call for Aaron Laffey and Luis Ayala. After all, reserving the greatest relief pitcher of all-time for a save that never happened makes much more sense than when the game is actually on the line.

And naturally, no MSM writer will question his moves until he’s been gone from the Yankees for four years. How provocative!

Meanwhile, the Red Sox continue to lose and the Yankees are achieving no additional separation.

Management skills.

Hughes v. Burnett: Who cares?

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It’s the second week of September, and so much attention is still being paid to the Hughes vs. Burnett battle for the 5th spot in the rotation.

It’s a pointless debate at this juncture. The Yankees are a lock for the playoffs. There’s only 20 games left. And neither Hughes or Burnett deserves to start a playoff game this year. So seriously, what is the point of picking a 5th starter? Who cares? The regular season is basically over.

No playoff rotation for you!

VOTE: Who plays worse defense?

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Night vision – Disrespectful style

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11pm start times and weather are offensive.

Minor League Players of the week, v18: The Finale

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As the minor league season comes to a close, this will be our last MLPW of 2011. However, stay tuned for our Top 20 Prospect list, which will be posted soon.

David Phelps, 24, RHP, AAA
13 IP, 9 K, 1 BB, 10 H, 1 ER, 0 HR
Notable: Allowed only 2 runs in his last 19.1 innings of work

NoMaas Ranking – 17

Previous 2011 MLPW Wins: None

We close out MLPW with the first win for Scranton’s David Phelps this season. His strong run over the last couple weeks placed him tops in the team in starter ERA (3.19) and finished with a 3.69 FIP. Phelps only threw 107 innings due to a summer trip to the DL (shoulder), but 2011 was another successful campaign for the Notre Dame product. The 24-year old continued to flash his control, posting an excellent K/BB of 3.46. His K/9 of 7.5 is consistent with what he’s done at every minor league level since being drafted in 2008 (14th round).

The knock on Phelps has always been his lack of secondary pitches, but Mark Newman told us that he saw improvements this year. Phelps came extremely close to getting a call-up this summer, and due to another solid campaign, he’s certainly a candidate for a future role in the Bronx in some capacity.

Melky Mesa, 24, RHB CF, AA
.400/.454/.700 in 32 PAs, 1 SB
Notable: 2 HRs

NoMaas Ranking – 20

Previous 2011 MLPW Win – None

Mesa closed out the 2011 season with a big performance, going 12-30 with three doubles and two home runs. Unfortunately, this strong run to the finish line could not overcome what was a very underwhelming campaign. While the centerfielder has been lauded for his combination of power and speed, he still hasn’t put it all together on a consistent basis.

At Double-A, Mesa mustered a .251/.329/.404 line, which isn’t terrible, but he didn’t show progress in any area. You also have to wonder what his results would look like if it wasn’t for a .354 BABIP. In fact, most of his numbers declined in 2011. His ISO went from .215 to .153. His SB% went from 77.5% to 58%. His strikeout rate climbed from 25.4% to 30%. His wOBA dropped from .378 to .326.

Overall, the season was a disappointing one for Melky Mesa.

Honorable Mentions:

Tyler Austin, 19, RHB 3B/1B, Short-Season
.400/.428/.700 in 21 PAs, 2 SBs

MLPW v. 17 winner, big numbers this year between GCL & SI, 18/18 SBs too

Corban Joseph, 22, LHB 2B, AA
.406/.457/.625 in 35 PAs

2008 4th round pick, .277/.353/.415 for the season

Vidal Nuno, 24, LHP, A
6 IP, 7 K, 1 BB, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 HR

Three honorable mentions in a row, the indy league signing posted a 1.38 ERA between SI & Charleston

Mark Montgomery, 21, RHP, A
2 IP, 5 K, 1 BB, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 HR

Reliever had 41 K in 24.1 IP at Charleston (15.2 K/9!), 1.31 FIP


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As a fan, there is no substitute

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Like we said earlier this weekend, homegrown always feels better.

A look at the defense, v4: The Brett Gardner is insane edition

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First, UZR/150:

Next, TotalZone (provided by Baseball-Reference)

Observations: Brett Gardner leads all major leaguers in UZR/150 and it isn’t even close (Howie Kendrick 2nd with +21.4). Eduardo Nunez is El Stinko on the field. Swish continues to look like Ozzie Smith. Both systems still don’t like Cano, despite how smooth he appears. Curtis Granderson continues to rate poorly and there was a great article on ESPN about it. An MLB scout was quoted and stated that Granderson “does not react well off the bat, almost as if he has a depth perception problem….”

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