The American League is about to get served

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Opening Day only a few days away…

The Yanks run this b****!

Pineda to DL, Cashman loses it

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Daily News:

Michael Pineda will open the season on the disabled list after an MRI revealed tendinitis in his right shoulder. Pineda experienced tightness and soreness in the back of the shoulder during his start Friday night, prompting the test Saturday morning.

Brian Cashman did not take the news well.

Maybe he has lady parts after all

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This was sent to us by NoMaas reader, Mooks. We’re happy that the content of this article made Mooks think of us.

Hartford Courant:

Police are investigating whether a childhood friend of major league pitcher Carl Pavano tried to extort money from him by threatening to publicize details of their relationship while attending Southington High School.

The investigation was started in late December after Pavano’s sister, Michelle DeGennaro, complained to police that she was being harassed through her Facebook account

On March 21, police searched the 43 Hunting Hill Drive home that Christian Bedard, 36, shares with his mother, Elaine, a member of the town’s police commission. Police seized a laptop computer and a journal written by Christian Bedard.

Det. Mark Beal, summarizing in the affidavit a Facebook message that Bedard sent to DeGennaro, wrote: “Bedard states Pavano is gay, and they had a relationship when they were growing up.

“Bedard said he has a book deal in place worth $1.2 million and that it can all go away if Pavano buys him a navy Range Rover with tan leather.”

DeGennaro and her family told police Bedard’s statements were untrue, the affidavit says.

Christian Bedard has declined to comment, but on Thursday emailed a statement to The Associated Press:

“I have been openly gay for most of my adult life,” the statement said. “For years, my physical high school relationship with Carl Pavano has been well-known to my close friends and family. Carl Pavano’s sister, Michelle DeGennaro, contacted me on Facebook asking under what conditions would I not talk about my relationship with Carl.”


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From Lohud:

Either Cabral or Rapada would likely serve as the true lefty specialist. Boone Logan would be more of a middle reliever similar to Cory Wade, used to pitch to both lefties and righties. “I don’t consider Booney such a specialty left-hander,” Girardi said.

Booney Boon Boon’s career splits:

vs RHB as LHP 454 1.16 .316 .391 .490 .881
vs LHB as LHP 498 3.07 .251 .323 .380 .704
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Generated 3/29/2012.

Just sayin’.

Good to see he’s finally fitting in

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WEEI Boston:

According to the outfielder, he has been re-introduced to the kind of preseason that he was used to while with Tampa Bay. And that’s a good thing.

“I was just used to that up-tempo style of play, that up-tempo spring training,” he said. “That was just what I was used to. You come in, take 1,000 swings. You’re going to be running the bases. You’re going to be bunting. You’re going to be hitting the cut-off man all the time. You’re going to be working on outfield work all the time. You’re going to be tired, the way we are now.”

He was then asked if he felt the same way after workouts in last year’s spring training.

“We didn’t do anything,” Crawford said. “How could I get tired?”

Your douchebag training is now complete.

Oh my God!! He only hit 94!!

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In continuation of the most ridiculous and absurd storyline of Spring Training….


There has been much talk about how Michael Pineda, the Yankees newcomer acquired for prized prospect Jesus Montero, hasn’t been throwing as hard as he did in the past. That had people worried because there was a reported drop in velocity during the second half of last season, when the big right-hander’s performance suffered.

But there was Pineda on Sunday afternoon, touching 94 mph and hitting 93 on several other occasions. Was it the mid-90s fastball he threw in last year’s first half? No, but there’s time for that yet.

Yankee reporters on the beat.

What could have been

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Insert sad emoticon

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Yahoo Sports:

Montero wants to prove catching skills are no joke

I wanted to see how reputation and truth collided Tuesday. Montero was catching a full nine innings for the Seattle Mariners, who acquired him from the New York Yankees for Michael Pineda this offseason in one of the most ballyhooed trades in years: kid for kid, upside for upside, risk for risk.

Minutes after the Mariners wrapped up an 8-1 win, Montero stripped off his shin guards, chest protector and mask. He said he has caught since he was 4 years old and can’t fathom not doing it. Catching is part of his baseball identity. He’s OK with the Mariners’ plan to catch Miguel Olivo most of the time, giving Montero about one-third of the games behind the plate and the rest at DH, as long as he can transition into full-time duty next season.

“He’s hungry to be back there,” Wedge said. “He’s a good worker. We’re always looking to get better. He’s done a great job this spring. And we’ve got every reason to believe he’s going to be an everyday catcher.”

Source: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

VOTE: Best/worst moves of the offseason

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What is your verdict?

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