Critical of the Yankees offense?

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Brian McCann NoMaas Yankees Shhhhh
Be quiet, NoMaas: 2-4, 2 HR

Soriano: 2-4, HR
Beltran: 2-4, HR, 2B
Johnson: 2-4, HR

Bombers beat America’s Team™ 7-4.

Red Sox hold down Yankees revamped offense

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1. Jeter
2. Ellsbury
3. Beltran
4. Soriano
5. Cervelli
6. Solarte
7. Ichiro
8. Roberts
9. Johnson

2 runs.

Small sample size, but Tanaka leads the majors in….

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Swinging Strike %: 17.2% (% of total pitches that generate a swing & miss)
xFIP: 1.81
K/BB: 18.00

And while he’s not #1 in the the following stats, he’s very close:

K%: 32.1% (5th)
BB%: 1.8% (6th)
K/9: 11.57 (7th)
Contact %: 68.2% (5th, but 1st in AL) — (% a batter makes contact when swinging)

Data sourced from Fangraphs

Pineda with straight dirty performance against Boston

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Michael Pineda Yankees NoMaas Hat Crooked
6 IP, 7 K, 2 BB, 4 H, 1 ER

And in regards to the NESN-inspired (New England Sports Network / Red Sox equivalent of the YES Network) pine-tar/dirt controversy, the Red Sox themselves saw no problem with it:

Ortiz said he was never aware that Pineda might have had something on his hand and that it was inconsequential if he did.

“Everybody uses pine tar in the league,” Ortiz said. “It’s not a big deal.”

Veteran catcher David Ross, who did not play, said he was not aware of the situation, either.

“I’d rather know where the ball is going for me, personally,” he said. “A lot of guys make sure they get a grip in cold weather. I don’t think of it as cheating. Some guys might look at it that way. I don’t.”

“No, especially on cold windy nights, it’s tough to get a grip on the baseball,” Buchholz said. “I had that instance last year in Toronto, people said I had stuff all over my body you can use — rosin, water, the whole sunscreen stuff, whatever. I’d rather have a grip on the baseball and semi-know where it’s going [than] have no grip and get somebody hurt.

His cuteness is unlimited!

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Red Sox slugger David Ortiz managed to set a new record for slow on Wednesday evening by taking 32.91 to round the bases after hitting a three-run home run. According to’s Tater Trot Tracker, this was the slowest base trot ever recorded.

Ortiz’s glacial pace was compounded by an especially long stare down of the ball as it flirted with the right field foul pole in Fenway.

We’re counting on you, Brian.

Welcome back, #LaptopThief

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It never gets old.

NoMaas Laptop Thief Clay Buchholz Red Sox

For those new to NoMaas, have a peek.

Yankees are 4-5, why?

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After the Yankees couldn’t capitalize on a strong performance from Masahiro Tanaka (7 IP, 10 K, 1 BB, 7 H, 3 ER), slipped to 4-5, and have now been outscored on the season by 10 runs — we started perusing the numbers to see what the problem has been so far in the young campaign. Obviously, when you’re analyzing just nine games, the Small Sample Size Alarm goes off — so we can take these numbers with a grain of salt or wonder if these trends will continue.


There are certain players who’ve been utterly terrible to barely average. Brian McCann has a -16 wRC+ (!!!). Brian Roberts has a 55 wRC+. Soriano is at 77. Beltran’s been league-average at 99, and the same goes for Lord Derek.

However, even with those players not contributing, the offense overall hasn’t been too bad. In fact, the Yankees’ offense has been 6% above average, and ranks 4th in the AL with a wRC+ of 106. How is that possible with some of the names listed above not producing? Enter Yangervis Solarte, Kelly Johnson, and Ichiro — who have all started very hot. Those three, along with Gardner and Ellsbury, have carried the offense to date. Whowouldathunkit?


This has been a problem, although certainly small sample size applies here, as Vidal Nuno’s 7 ER outing bloats the numbers. NYY’s pen currently sports a 4.81 ERA, which ranks 8th in the AL. Its FIP is a whopping 5.33, which is 2nd-to-last, and not helped by letting up 1.85 HR/9. When normalizing for home runs, the xFIP looks much better at 4.10, but even that only ranks 9th.

We said coming into the season that the bullpen would be much dicier this season, and for a team that won a ridiculous amount of one-run games last season, that’s not helpful.

Starting Pitching:

Yankees’ starters have a combined ERA of of 4.86, which is third-worst in the AL — but that’s also bloated by Ivan Nova’s 7 ER start. FIP and xFIP paint a better picture at 3.70 and 3.19, respectively. The xFIP number ranks 1st in the AL.


Even to the naked eye, the Yankees defense has been poor to start the year. Jeter has looked typically bad. Mark Teixeira was uncharacteristically sloppy prior to his injury. The Yankees currently rank 12th in Defensive Runs Saved at -7.


It’s super-early and all these numbers could change significantly, so maybe you don’t have to read anything into them. Yet, these games still count, and with a preliminary glance, the Yankees just aren’t doing well in any particular area. Cause for concern or no?

YES Network producers: “Quick, find some Asians!”

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As Ichiro Suzuki came to the plate in the bottom of the 9th of Tuesday’s game, David Cone had this analysis:

“The familiar Ichiro stance as he kinda sizes up the pitcher, waits for the pitcher… almost like a samurai sword.”

Oh, the things David Cone says

Meanwhile, the YES production truck was apparently feverishly shouting: “Quick! Find some yellow people!” The cameramen obliged, showing us 4 different people of Asian descent in the stands during Ichiro’s at bat.

Ichiro NoMaas Yankees YES NETWORK


In case you weren’t aware, Ichiro Suzuki is originally from Japan.

Solarte making the most of his ultimate opportunity

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Yangervis Solarte NoMaas Yankees Ultimate Warrior

RIP Ultimate Warrior

Nova delimbed in Game of O’s

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Nova: 3.2 IP, 7 ER, 10 H, 3 K, 0 BB (and not helped by Derek Jeter’s severe lack of range)

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