Good job, good effort

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Derek Jeter is hitless in 20 at-bats and is having a terrible second half to what will be his final season.

But manager Joe Girardi said he’s not looking so much at the numbers when it comes to Yankees hitters.

“You look at at-bats,” he said after Saturday’s 3-2 win over the Orioles. “We don’t get so caught up in what the numbers are. You look at the at-bats

Well, that’s just swell, Joe.

At -0.3 WAR, Derek Jeter is the 10th-worst player in the major leagues. But his effort is off the charts!

This whole organization needs a lobotomy.

Off with their heads!

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Cashman Behead NoMaas Yankees

But you predicted 90 wins this season

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Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY who drank the Kool-Aid last offseason and predicted the Yankees would win 90 games, has now changed his tune:

The Yankees look as if they will not make the playoffs this year. Next year — no matter what they do this offseason — they will start with a bunch of question marks. Maybe they become very creative this winter, but they are working with an inflexible roster and not much ready-to-go talent at the top of the minor leagues.

So when you think about what the Yankees may be able to count on in 2015, the list is not a particularly long one.

Gotta love the MSM.

And therein lies the problem…

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Of course, Cashman admitted the biggest problem this season — and one which he tried to conquer with several midseason acquisitions — has been the struggling offense, and the disappointment that’s come from his many large offseason expenditures.

It’s certainly [what] we didn’t anticipate,” said Cashman. “Certainly [something we] have tried to address in-season and we’ll try to really analyze when the dust settles.

What we put in bold is the problem.

A welcome and critical change

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In the past, we’ve compared Yankee officials to Supreme Court justices in that once you’re in the organization, you only leave if it’s by your own choosing — a.k.a lifetime appointments.

Well one of the lifetime appointments has decided to leave, and it’s a very important and welcome change for an organization that has failed miserably in developing its own talent in recent years.

NY Post:

According to voices inside and outside the Yankees’ organization, the minor league development program will have a new leader next year, The Post has learned.

Mark Newman, a senior vice president of baseball operations based in Tampa, Fla., is believed to be retiring after 26 years with the organization — the past 15 in charge of a minor league system that has been criticized for not sending position players to the big leagues.

The process of Newman leaving is far enough down the road that Trey Hillman, a former Yankees minor league manager, ex-Royals manager who also managed in Japan and former Dodgers bench coach under Don Mattingly, is being touted as Newman’s successor.

Hillman rejoined the Yankees this year as a special assistant to the major and minor league operations.

Mark was nice enough to give us several interviews over the years, and we wish him well as this chapter of his life ends. However, it’s not our job to cheerlead and we must call a spade a spade. The farm system has been incredibly poor over the last few years, and it’s a huge reason why the Yankees have a $200 million crap roster. It’s time for BIG changes in this organization.

Chris Young keeps the Yankees hanging on

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Chris Young Yankees NoMaas
2-4, 3-run walkoff HR

Yanks win, still on life support

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From March:


What’s the point?

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But ace Masahiro Tanaka is still determined to pitch for the Bombers before the regular season comes to an end, and the organization is fully behind him.

The rookie threw a three-inning simulated game, tossing 45 pitches, at Yankee Stadium prior to New York’s loss to the Rays on Tuesday.

According to manager Joe Girardi, the All-Star could return to the rotation following one more outing, whether that’s another simulated game or an instructional-league start in Tampa.

Seriously, what the point? The Yankees are predictably not making the playoffs. Why risk Tanaka?

Steiner Sports unveils another exclusive opportunity to purchase Jeter history

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If owning a signed Derek Jeter rake didn’t fully satisfy the fan in you, you won’t believe our next opportunity to purchase history.

At least eight-one times per year, The Captain sat on a toilet in the Yankee Stadium clubhouse. Due to our exclusive partnership with Lonn Trost and the 27-time World Series champions, we will be smashing that toilet into a million pieces and using the porcelain to create commemorative #2 drink coasters. For added authenticity, we will not be washing the porcelain.

Each drink coaster will cost $22.22 and will be available on

Derek Jeter Toilet NoMaas Yankees
Own a piece of history

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