Chris Young keeps the Yankees hanging on

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Chris Young Yankees NoMaas
2-4, 3-run walkoff HR

Yanks win, still on life support

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From March:


What’s the point?

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But ace Masahiro Tanaka is still determined to pitch for the Bombers before the regular season comes to an end, and the organization is fully behind him.

The rookie threw a three-inning simulated game, tossing 45 pitches, at Yankee Stadium prior to New York’s loss to the Rays on Tuesday.

According to manager Joe Girardi, the All-Star could return to the rotation following one more outing, whether that’s another simulated game or an instructional-league start in Tampa.

Seriously, what the point? The Yankees are predictably not making the playoffs. Why risk Tanaka?

Steiner Sports unveils another exclusive opportunity to purchase Jeter history

September 7, 2014 | 9 comments | in Quick Analytical Blurbs | by Louis Winthorpe III


If owning a signed Derek Jeter rake didn’t fully satisfy the fan in you, you won’t believe our next opportunity to purchase history.

At least eight-one times per year, The Captain sat on a toilet in the Yankee Stadium clubhouse. Due to our exclusive partnership with Lonn Trost and the 27-time World Series champions, we will be smashing that toilet into a million pieces and using the porcelain to create commemorative #2 drink coasters. For added authenticity, we will not be washing the porcelain.

Each drink coaster will cost $22.22 and will be available on

Derek Jeter Toilet NoMaas Yankees
Own a piece of history

Yanks get Jeter crystal, free trip to Tuscany…but not runs

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The house in Toscana cost 2,000,000 lira

A front office revolution is needed

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V for Vendetta NoMaas Revolution Yankees
The truth is, there’s something terribly wrong with this organization, isn’t there?

NoMaas on the radio Saturday morning to talk Yanks, Jeter

September 5, 2014 | 6 comments | in Announcements | by SJK

Hosted by our longtime friend Mike Silva, NoMaas’ Sensei John Kreese will join Weekend Watchdogs to discuss the Yankees and Jeter’s retirement.

You can listen live starting at 10am this Saturday morning. A replay will be available at that same link too.


In your face, Koji, in your face

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In your face family guy NoMaas Yankees Koji Uehara

Kevin Long: “I’ve done everything I can”

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Lots of articles lately from the MSM about how the offense needs to improve and even ones that question Derek Jeter. The Yankees offensive failings have been a two-year issue and Jeter has been poor all season, so we’re not sure why the MSM has decided to grow testes now — but we guess it’s better late than never.

In the latest foray into the Yankees’ offense, our old friend Tyler Kepner of the NY Times interviewed “hitting guru” Kevin Long:

“I can give them routines, I can help them with some flaws, we can work and work and work, and yeah, when you don’t see results, it wears on you,” Long said before the game. “There’s some sleepless nights. There’s some nights when you feel like you’re not doing everything you can. And at the end of the day, I know that I am.”

Yet he questions himself on those long and restless nights because he cannot just give up. Something is bound to work.

“I try to come up with more ideas, try to be more proactive,” Long said. “And sometimes it’s a matter of backing off the throttle. Do I not give them as much information? There’s all different things that spin through your head. Are you more forceful as a coach? Do you scream? Do you yell? Do you tell them, ‘Enough’s enough’?

“There’s different avenues, and this year I’ve exhausted quite a few of those,” he added. “A lot more than usual.”

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