McCann walkoff brings Yankees sweep of ChiSox

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Brian McCann Yankees Sweep NoMaas
McCann got the Yankees sweeping.

Yanks win it for their old skipper on Torre Day

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On the day which saw Joe Torre’s #6 take its place among other Yankee legends, the Bombers put up a 5 spot (!!!) to defeat the White Sox, 5-3.

Joe Torre Day Retired Number NoMaas Yankees
Waiting for the pregame ceremonies to begin


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According to media reports this morning, Cuban defector Rusney Castillo is on the verge of signing a record-setting six-year, $72 million deal with the Red Sox.

Cool, who wants him anyway?

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ESPN Boston:

The Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers appear to be the front-runners for the services of Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo, two league sources said Thursday, with a decision expected no later than the weekend.

Clubs involved in the bidding, according to’s Jayson Stark, believe Castillo ultimately will sign a five-year contract in the range of $50 million to $60 million. That would rank as the second-largest deal ever signed by an amateur player from Cuba or any other country, behind only Jose Abreu’s six-year, $68 million contract with the Chicago White Sox.

At 5-foot-9, 185 pounds, Castillo isn’t a pure masher in the mold of Abreu or Cespedes. But his power/speed combo has drawn comparisons to Andrew McCutchen and Yasiel Puig.

Although he played the infield at times in Cuba and took ground balls at shortstop during his workout, his best position is center field, and that’s where the teams pursuing him are likely to play him.

Golf clap

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Yay! The Yankees finally beat the Astros.

Brandon McCarthy NoMaas Yankees Tiger Woods
CG, 8 K, 0 BB, 4 H, 0 ER

And speaking of championship-caliber…

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Hal Steinbrenner in February 2013:

All I can assure the fans is we are always going to field a championship-caliber team. Every single year.

Hal Steinbrenner in January 2014:

We did what we needed to do to field this team to be a championship-caliber team.


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Fangraphs (via CoolStandings):

6.2% chance of making the playoffs either as the division or wild card

The 6.2% probability is split between a 3.1% chance of winning the division and a 3.1% chance of getting a wild card spot.

Baseball Prospectus:

5.4% chance of making the playoffs either as the division winner or wild card

That 5.4% probability is comprised of a 2.1% chance of winning the division and a 3.3% chance of winning the wild card.

Arguably having an MVP season…

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This isn’t a damnation of whether or not the Yanks should have signed him. After all, we advocated trading him last year.

But, Robinson Cano is having a superb season and will likely get MVP votes.

He’s hitting .329/.396/.471 (142 wRC+: 42% better than the average hitter) and ranks 5th in MLB in WAR (4.9).

Cuban embargo

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The Yankees have ended any pursuit of Cuban outfielder/second baseman Rusney Castillo, according to an industry source. Castillo’s power-and-speed element has him linked to interest by several other clubs, including Boston and Detroit, though he remains a long shot to join a contending team before the Aug. 31 playoff roster freeze due to visa issues. For the Yanks, Castillo’s potential salary — possibly in the $10 million-per-year-or-greater range — would have come with a hefty luxury-tax hit.

NY Post: Yankees’ goals are a “shame”

August 19, 2014 | 5 comments | in Mediot Observation | by SJK


Full article here.

Now, the tone to this article is a little “World Series or bust”-ish, and we are not in the camp. As you know, we’ve been advocating a rebuild for the last two seasons. But, the article also makes the point that the Yankees’ front office has settled for mediocrity. It’s good to see the MSM at least introducing the topic.

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