McCann goes 4-for-4 against Boston, receives greeting card

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Brian McCann NoMaas Yankees Ecard Greeting Card

You will pay no attention to this loss

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Hal Steinbrenner NoMaas Yankees Derek Jeter Hypnotize
“And you will purchase Derek Jeter collectibles.”

RIP Captain Intangibles

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Did he die?


The New York Yankees announced Tuesday that the team will wear a patch of Derek Jeter’s final-season logo on all player hats and uniforms from Sept. 7, the day that the shortstop will be honored at Yankee Stadium, through the end of the season.

Ah, but of course:

The baseballs with Jeter logos that will be put in play on Sept. 7, and the uniforms used in the game and throughout the rest of the season will be sold by Steiner Sports, company president Brandon Steiner said.

Steiner also has an exclusive autograph deal with Jeter and has been selling more than 200 Jeter-signed products, including game-used jerseys that retail for $25,000.

Leading up to Jeter’s final games, an even greater flow of merchandise has hit the shelves. New Era is selling a three-cap box of Jeter hats for $150. The hats, which are available only at Yankee Stadium and official Yankees stores, are limited to 2,014 sets.

New Era Cap president Pete Augustine told that the company, which has been making hats since 1920, has never celebrated a player like this.

RE$PECT. If Jeter is as humble as everyone thinks he is, couldn’t he put a stop to some of this? This is just going overboard now. Even Jeterites have to agree this is getting ridiculous.

Derek Jeter now below-replacement level…wow

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Per Fangraphs, Derek Jeter is now a below replacement-level player with a WAR of -0.1. Only Carlos Beltran has been worse for the Yankees on a full-season basis with a -0.2 WAR (Soriano was worse).

Remember, a replacement level player is essentially someone who can be readily picked up on the open market at a major league minimum salary — think of a minor league free agent, a Four-A minor league lifer, a non-roster invitee at spring training, etc — a scrub, for lack of a better term.

Retirement can’t come soon enough for The Captain.

Yanks once again can’t get over the mountain

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Lose 4-3 to Toronto on Sunday.

NoMaas Yankees Four-Run Mountain
RE2PECT the .620 OPS

*Props to @noobsbt for the graphic inspiration

Yankee coaches hold closed-door meeting after 1-hit stinker

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Larry Rothschild Kevin Long NoMaas Yankees

Will “no-surgery” Tanaka strategy prove to be a big mistake?

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Right-hander Masahiro Tanaka’s attempt to return from a torn elbow ligament without undergoing Tommy John surgery hit a roadblock Friday when the New York Yankees announced he would return to New York ahead of the team with what was termed as “general soreness” in his pitching arm.

“I want to be a little bit cautious. I haven’t been throwing for a couple of weeks and then I started throwing again and built up the number of pitches that I’ve been throwing,” Tanaka said through his interpreter, Shingo Horie. “I think that’s the reason why there’s a little bit of extra soreness in the arm itself.”

“He’s not going to throw a bullpen for about maybe a week,” Girardi said. “But as I’ve said, if you shut him down, it’s surgery. It’s not like it’s going to be, ‘Well, let’s see how it is next year.’ We’re going to proceed and it’s either going to be he’s healthy or he needs surgery.”

Brian Cashman NoMaas Yankees Family Guy Prostate Exam
“Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

Ellsbury, errors help Bombers win in America’s Hat

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It got ugly in the 7th inning as both teams each committed two errors, but it was the Canadian mistakes that proved to be fatal. Jacoby Ellsbury gave the Yankees a permanent lead with a 2-run shot, although he injured his ankle later in the game. It was a critical win for NY as they cling to wild contention.

Jacoby Ellsbury Canada Blue Jays NoMaas Yankees
In Canada: 2-5, 2-run HR, 3B

Safe to say the Yanks won this trade?

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Seattle’s Jesus Montero was involved in an altercation during short-season Everett’s game at Boise on Thursday. The first baseman exchanged words with a Mariners crosschecker and reportedly had to be physically restrained while attempting to enter the stands with a bat during the argument.

Montero was coaching first base, and at the end of an inning, the unidentified crosschecker yelled at him to hustle off the field, according to Boise official scorer Liza Safford. Montero then headed to the AquaSox dugout on the third-base side.

According to a game offical, the crosschecker then ordered an ice cream sandwich and had it sent to Montero in the dugout, escalating the confrontation further. The official said Montero — who arrived at Mariners Spring Training 40 pounds overweight this season — approached the stands with a bat while screaming profanities and threw the sandwich at the crosschecker. Montero had to be pulled back from the stands by Everett pitching coach Nasusel Cabrera, Safford said.


We are going to separate the baseball part of Jesus Montero from the human element part of Jesus Montero. Our intent is to address Jesus’ issues. There’s a history here of things that have happened .We are very, very disappointed in him,” Zduriencik said. “I think more than anything else, from a human standpoint, we have to look at Jesus Montero as a person, as a father and as a husband and how can we help Jesus Montero and his family get through this. That’s our intent. That’s our first and foremost intent. We are in the process as we speak.”


Someone had the guts to ask the question

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(been traveling the last couple days – FYI – we’re back)

Ken Davidoff of the NY Post:

I had asked Girardi if he thought it was just too difficult, too hairy, to drop Jeter down in his lineup.

“Yeah,” Girardi said. “But it’s not like we have a bunch of guys hitting .300. So that’s why we’ve kept it.”

What Girardi understandably neglected to point out, and what has changed the equation of this conversation, is just how awful Jeter has been in August. Even after his productive night (he added a walk in the eighth), which contributed to an easy night for winning pitcher Shane Greene, Jeter owns an awful .226/.247/.290 slash line for the month. While it’s true, as Girardi stated, that no regular on the team carries a .300 batting average, Jeter’s .315 on-base percentage ranks him seventh on the team and his .634 OPS 11th; his .267 batting average places him fifth.

You could argue the Yankees are prioritizing the ego of their fading legend, whom the Tigers honored in a nice pregame ceremony, over their team fortunes.

Do the Yankees have enough room for error to bet on one last Jeter hot streak?

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